Exascale Computing ALgorithms and Infrastructures Benefitting UK Research

ExCALIBUR overview

This website covers the activities of the Hardware and Enabling Software strand of ExCALIBUR.

ExCALIBUR planned activities

  • Knowledge integration
  • High priority use cases
  • Emerging requirements for HPC algorithms
  • Cross-cutting research
  • Proof-of-concept hardware (H&ES)

The Hardware and Enabling Software programme is particularly focussed on novel hardware and software testbeds.

ExCALIBUR intended benefits

  • Increased science productivity
  • Transformational change in capability
  • Increased skills base of interdisciplinary Research Software Engineers (RSEs)

Each project that ExCALIBUR H&ES supports will embed RSE expertise.

ExCALIBUR pillars

  • Separation of Concerns: the maths of a problem is separate from its implementation
  • Co-design: holistic, collaborative system design by mathematicians, domain scientists, computer scientists and industrial partners
  • Data Science: new workflows to manage and analyse vast volumes of simulation data
  • Investing in People: interdisciplinary Research Software Engineer (RSE) career development driven by forward-looking scientific software design

ExCALIBUR briefing webinar

EPSRC’s Richard Gunn and ExCALIBUR H&ES joint lead Revd Dr Jeremy Yates presented a webinar on the ExCALIBUR initiative as part of the Archer2 training programme.

Find out more

Find out more at the ExCALIBUR website, hosted by the Met Office.

Details of ExCALIBUR working groups are available from UKRI’s Grants on the Web site.

ExCALIBUR website