ExCALIBUR partners visualising the new brand


Our brand is a reflection of our principles, our team, and what we create. Here are some of the things that make up our brand, and the way you can use them to talk about ExCALIBUR.

ExCALIBUR Brand Guidelines

The brand guidelines document explains all elements of ExCALIBUR’s visual identity and details of how we use them to create our ‘look and feel’ in a consistent and professional way. Please follow these guidelines to ensure you are using the correct identities, logos, templates and other branded material.

If you have any questions on branding, please contact us and they will be answered as quickly as possible

ExCALIBUR Brand Guidelines Cover


There are two variations of the multi-colour logo, one designed to work well with a light background (with black text) and one designed to work with a dark background (with white text). In addition, two variants are available for use in monochrome (e.g. for black and white printed media). 

The colour scheme has been chosen to work with a wide variety of other colours.