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HPC and RSE Workshop

ExCALIBUR RSEs meet HPC Champions Newcastle, September 9, 2022  This hybrid workshop was organised to bring together research software engineers, researchers, and other people interested in high performance computing. It was organised by Jemma Shipton…

Atmospheric model data layout and memory access design

The Met Office LFRic model aims to provide efficient simulations of the atmosphere on next generation HPC architectures. Efficient memory management will be a key aspect in obtaining optimal performance. One element of that is optimising the level of p…

Abstract fractal particles field. Detailed chaotic fluid motion simulation

Open call for proposals to create innovative pre-Exascale testbeds

About ExCALIBUR ExCALIBUR (Exascale Computing Algorithms and Infrastructures Benefitting UK Research) is a £45.7m Strategic Priorities Fund (SPF) programme led by the Met Office, UKAEA and UKRI that aims to deliver the next generation of high-performan…

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