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ExCALIBUR events @ ISC ‘23

Starting on Sunday the 21st of May and running until Thursday 25th, the HPC and ML community will descend on Hamburg for ISC, which is Europe’s largest HPC conference. Running since 1986, and with 158 exhibitors this year, ISC is always a busy event wi…

Quantum Computer

New publication from QEVEC project members

Rhonda Au-Yeung and Nicholas Chancellor from the QEVEC project, along with Pascal Halffmann from the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Mathematics have published a paper in Frontiers in Quantum Science and Technology exploring the potential of quantu…

HPC and RSE Workshop

ExCALIBUR RSEs meet HPC Champions Newcastle, September 9, 2022  This hybrid workshop was organised to bring together research software engineers, researchers, and other people interested in high performance computing. It was organised by Jemma Shipton…

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Oct 2023


Oct 2023


SPF ExCALIBUR Programme-wide Workshop

The Strategic Priorities Fund (SPF) Exascale Computing ALgorithms & Infrastructures Benefiting UK Research (ExCALIBUR) Programme will be hosting the second Programme-wide Workshop, to be held at the Engineers House, Br…