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ExCALIBUR at HPC/AI Days Durham

The University of Durham is a hotbed of HPC research and scientific computing, with the University involved in many ExCALIBUR projects. Building on the success of HPC/AI Days in 2023, this year saw the conference return once again the week before ISC….

Developing a roadmap for exascale modelling workshop

The ExAMPLER project held their third workshop in Glasgow 29 – 30th April entitled Developing a roadmap for exascale modelling.¬†ExAMPLER is all about exploring the role of exascale supercomputing for Agent Based Modelling (ABM). There are many situatio…

xDSL hosts the CGO and PPoPP conferences

The International Symposium on Code Generation and Optimization (CGO) is one of the world leading conferences for exploring optimization and code generation techniques. Covering a wide range of topics in the compiler space, this conference not only has…

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Jul 2024


Jul 2024

Scientific Computing in Rust workshop

Scientific Computing in Rust is a virtual workshop focussing on the use of the Rust programming language within scientific computing. First held in 2023, the previous edition of this workshop covered a wide range of areas including linear algebra libra…


Sep 2024


This event brings together the community of RSEs working in High Performance Computing (HPC). The community covers a range of RSE roles from development of research software to support of HPC facilities, providing support to researchers. Our objectives…