RSE Knowledge Integration

The ExCALIBUR Research Software Engineer Knowledge Integration (RSE KI) activity will develop and grow our agile, interdisciplinary RSE Community to meet the Exascale training and skill challenges for our UK Research Communities. 

High Priority Use Cases

An ExCALIBUR High Priority Use Case is defined as: A co-ordinated range of activities, which aims to develop simulation code with a focus on an application or applications pre-identified by the relevant communities as benefitting from exascale software development.

Emerging Requirements for High-Performance Algorithms

Exascale software and algorithms are being developed across the programme, yet, the impact that these codes will have go beyond disciplines currently represented in the programme to those across the UK research landscape. These disciplines include, but are not limited to computational biomedicine, computational biology and digital humanities and social sciences. This tranche will introduce the potential of exascale software, identify community requirements and enable knowledge exchange between these communities and the scientific code developed within the programme. 

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Cross-cutting Research

A key element of the delivery of the ExCALIBUR Programme is the development of cross-cutting themes and associated activities that apply across Use Cases. These will be funded by the SPF ExCALIBUR Programme partners, the Met Office and EPRSC, incorporating the topics listed below.

Hardware and Enabling Software

The Hardware and Enabling Software initiative enables the testing of software and algorithms developed across the ExCALIBUR programme. The group works with academia and industry to provide pre-exascale testbeds featuring novel hardware and architecture. They engage with industry and researchers that run compute and data-intensive workflows to understand what is required to benchmark future exascale systems.  This theme will inform and be informed by software developed across the programme and is an integral part in preparing the UK for exascale hardware. 

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