Jan 2024

Feb 2024

DiRAC AMD GPU training programme

Where: Online

The DiRAC AMD GPU training is intended to support users in improving their knowledge and skills around the OpenMP, HIP and AMD software stack including the upcoming AMD GPU MI300 cards which implement the new improved unified memory management methods that exploit the latest hardware developments and may offer better performance and greater power efficiency.  

The training will start with basic GPU programming concepts before addressing new features, so if you are an experienced GPU user or just thinking about how you could transition your code, then this training would be useful. If you are not already using GPUs, then this is a good opportunity to get input from industry experts on GPUs. We encourage you to suggest your student attend this training.

The training will take place online over 3 half-days from the 30th of Jan to the 1st of Feb in the afternoon. Anyone who would like to attend needs to register at: https://dirac.ac.uk/training_events/amd-pre-hackathon-training-getting-ready-for-mi300/