Apr 2024

Apr 2024

PAX-HPC workshop

The PAX-HPC project is holding a project workshop, open to all, to discuss the current state of the art in particle simulation. Held at Lancaster University, this two day workshop covers a variety of topics. All are welcome, and can register online . More details can be found here.

Monday 22nd of April schedule

11:00amArrival / tea / coffee
11.45amWelcome (Neil Drummond)
11.50amTalk: Acceleration of Electronic Structure Codes on Heterogeneous Hardware (Marcello Puligheddu)
12.30pmTalk: Application of a Master–Worker Parallelism on Materials Modelling (Woongkyu Jee)
2.00pmTalk: SWIFT2 (Mladen Ivkovic)
2.40pmTalk: Accelerating CASINO using GPUs (Ben Thorpe and Neil Drummond)
3.20pmTea / coffee
3.40pmTalk: Attempts at Particles Without MPI and the Hardware Landscape (Alastair Basden)
4.20pmTalk: CASTEP for Exascale (Matt Smith and Phil Hasnip)
5.00pmTalk: Yet Another HPC Benchmarking Project (Rob Welch)
5.40pmDiscussion on training requirements (led by Xu Guo)

Tuesday 23rd of April schedule

9.30amAnnual State of the Project address (Scott Woodley)
10.00amRSEs: Future funding, etc. (led by Alexey Sokols)
11.00amTea / coffee
11.30amPlans for PAX-HPC review paper (led by Scott Woodley)
2.00pmKnowledge exchange (led by Phil Hasnip)
3.30pmTea / coffee
4.00pmFinish / pub (Neil Drummond)