Jul 2024

Jul 2024


Join us in Cambridge between the 1st an 3rd of July 2024 for a conference on software for PDEs.

The numerical solution of partial differential equations (PDEs) has important applications in a wide range of fields. Simulation codes are used to forecast the weather, predict the flow field around aircraft in aerospace engineering, and compute the propagation of ultrasonic waves in high-intensity focused ultrasound tumour ablation, amongst many other examples.

The development of highly performative, usable, rigorously engineered and extensively tested PDE software frameworks is key to allowing the wide use of more advanced numerical methods on sophisticated parallel hardware.

Organised by the SysGenX, Synthesis and Performance ExCALIBUR project, PDESoft 2024 is an opportunity for the developers of any of the diverse stages of PDE software tools to come together to discuss current and future directions of research.

If you develop:

  • meshing tools;
  • solvers for large systems of equations;
  • numerical PDE solvers;
  • data visualisation systems;
  • user interfaces to scientific software;
  • any other part of the PDE toolchain;

then this conference is for you.

PDESoft 2024 will be held in the Møller Centre at Churchill College, Cambridge.

PDESoft 2024 follows in the successful footsteps of PDESoft 2012 in Münster, PDESoft 2014 in Heidelberg, PDESoft 2016 in Warwick, and PDESoft 2018 in Bergen.

More details and instructions for submitting talk proposals can be found at https://pdesoft.org/