Mar 2022

Seminar | Cross-cutting Research | Exposing parallelism: Task Parallelism

SpECTRE: A task-based framework for astrophysics

Start Time: 15:00

Nils Deppe, California Institute of Technology &  Lawrence Kidder, Cornell University

The seminar will present our group research on parallel programming models, more specifically in PyCOMPSs. PyCOMPSs is a task-based programming Astrophysical phenomena vary greatly in spatial and temporal scales while also requiring complicated physics like neutrino transport. SpECTRE is a next-generation open-source (github.com/sxs-collaboration/spectre/) code designed with modern algorithms and computer science practices in order to take advantage of exascale supercomputers. We will discuss how SpECTRE uses the open-source task-based parallelization framework Charm++ (github.com/UIUC-PPL/charm/) to realize task-based parallelism. We will provide details on how our discontinuous Galerkin-finite-difference hybrid and elliptic solver algorithms are translated into the language of task-based parallelism, including the use of SIMD intrinsics and lazy evaluation. Time permitting, we will also provide an overview of our tensor library that allows scientists to write equations in a domain specific language, that of general relativity/gravity. 

Further details including connection information can be found here