Apr 2024

UNIVERSE-HPC Course Materials Mini Hackathon

The UNIVERSE-HPC project team is organising a one-day Hackathon to enhance the course materials that we’ve been developing over the past couple of years. This will be a great opportunity to network with people interested in training for RSEs, contribute to training materials, and learn about Gutenberg, a new training platform.



There will be three strands that you can get involved in and contribute to:

  • Course content, from beginner to advanced topics
  • Infrastructure, enhancing/extending/contributing to the Gutenberg training platform.
  • Pedagogy, creating learning objectives for lessons.

You can already have a look at the list of open issues, if you’d like! However, you’re not restricted to undertaking work in these issues.

This will also be a fantastic opportunity to learn about using and deploying Gutenberg, an open-source teaching platform developed at the University of Oxford, that you could use in your own teaching. Gutenberg uses course materials written in Markdown and offers the features of a learning management system, for example, giving access to a specific group of enrolled students and tracking their progress through a course. Have a look at an example deployment from Oxford.

If you have any questions, reach out to Eirini Zormpa () or Jeremy Cohen ().