Abstract fractal particles field. Detailed chaotic fluid motion simulation

Open call for proposals to create innovative pre-Exascale testbeds


ExCALIBUR (Exascale Computing Algorithms and Infrastructures Benefitting UK Research) is a £45.7m Strategic Priorities Fund (SPF) programme led by the Met Office, UKAEA and UKRI that aims to deliver the next generation of high-performance simulation software for the highest-priority fields in UK research. It started in October 2019 and will run until March 2025, redesigning high priority computer codes and algorithms to meet the demands of advancing technology and UK research.

Open call: ExCALIBUR Hardware & Enabling Software testbeds

As part of the ExCALIBUR initiative, UKRI are investing £4.5m over four years to create and evaluate novel pre-Exascale testbeds, in a co-design partnership with HPC vendors and the UK research community. Testbeds can include hardware and/or enabling software such as data subsystems, filesystems, compilers and debuggers. We expect to fund around 4-5 projects each year. Projects will work closely with ExCALIBUR software working groups supported by UKRI, UKAEA and the Met Office. This call for proposals is for the £1m budget allocated for testbeds in 2023-2024.


  • Expressions of Interest may be submitted at any time
    H&ES programme office will review Expressions of Interest and provide feedback / advise applicants of next steps with their proposed project
  • 30th September 2022 – Deadline for Full Proposals
    Full Proposals for projects starting in April 2023 are peer reviewed and any clarifications sought
  • Principal Investigators for successful proposals will then be invited to submit a Je-S form covering their project – project funds will be disbursed as a grant from EPSRC
    Project start and finish dates, resource allocations and grant payment profiles will be agreed with UKRI as part of this process

Further information

Frequently Asked Questions, details of previously funded testbed projects and a template showing the information required in a proposal are available from the ExCALIBUR website at https://excalibur.ac.uk/hes. If you have any queries or would like to discuss a potential proposal please do get in touch with the ExCALIBUR Hardware & Enabling Software Programme Office via .

With our warmest regards,

Prof Simon McIntosh-Smith (University of Bristol), Co-Director (Strategy)
Revd Dr Jeremy Yates (University College London), Co-Director (Delivery)
Martin Hamilton (University College London), Programme Coordinator