Jun 2024

Byte-sized RSE: Python packaging and pip

Start Time: 13:00 End Time: 14:30

Organised by UNIVERSE-HPC, this session will be on Python packaging and pip and will be delivered by Jeremy Cohen (Imperial College London) and Steve Crouch (University of Southampton)

In this session, we’ll look at Python packaging both from the user and package creator perspective. There are different package infrastructures in Python and we’ll focus on the core packaging ecosystem maintained by the Python Packaging Authority (PyPA) and the pip package installer tool.

We’ll begin by looking at the use of pip to install packages and what actually happens when you install a package. Then we’ll look at the anatomy of a Python package and create a simple package ourselves, to see how one is structured and built.

Prerequisites: In order to be able to participate in the practical/interactive part of this session, you’ll need a computer with a regular CPython installation (i.e. not Anaconda) and pip available. You’ll also need some basic familiarity with working on the command line and be familiar with a command line-based editor such as nano, vi or emacs to enable you to easily edit files. The tutorial may also work using pip via Anaconda but this is not a supported setup for this session.