Understanding and Nurturing an Integrated Vision for Education in RSE and HPC (UNIVERSE-HPC) will define a training curriculum framework – spanning from undergraduate to continuing professional development level - for Research Software Engineers (RSEs) specialising in high performance computing (HPC).

It will develop and pilot the curriculum and necessary course materials to underpin a professional training programme in RSE and HPC, supported by cohort- and community-building activities, acting as a knowledge integration hub for those with a stake in education and training for RSEs, including other ExCALIBUR projects, those extending Carpentries training for HPC and RSE, and existing and future initiatives in this area. 

The project brings together partners with expertise in training from different areas: Edinburgh (EPCC MSc in HPC and Edinburgh Carpentries), Oxford (SABS R3 CDT and RSE group), Southampton (research software engineering and Carpentries), and Imperial (community building and RSLondon) 

This will provide clear routes to enable more people from a wide diversity of disciplines and backgrounds to obtain the skills and experience they require to have a successful RSE career: working within centres of excellence, RSE groups, and embedded in research groups. Together this will provide the skilled workforce required by the UK to harness large-scale computing as the UK prepares to exploit exascale. 

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