Sep 2022

Workshop | Hardware and Enabling Software | FPGA testbed

Introduction to FPGA course

Start Time: 10:00 End Time: 17:00

The Centre for Advanced Research Computing at UCL will be running an introductory online workshop on programming for FPGAs and the ExCALIBUR FPGA test-bed on the 29th of September (10:00-17:00). We assume no prior knowledge of FPGA development or hardware acceleration in general; all you need is experience with C/C++, an ssh client, and a remote desktop software (such as X2GO) to run the necessary software. We’ll give an introduction to FPGAs, how to write the CPU code that talks to them, how to write and compile FPGA code as a software developer using High Level Synthesis (HLS), and some of the optimisations that are available to you — with practical exercises for hands-on experience. So if you’re interested in taking your first steps with this technology, you can find out more and sign up with the link below!