Jul 2024

Jul 2024

RSE Summer School in Algorithms for Exascale Computing

This Summer school is organised by the RSE training in algorithms for exascale simulations project, and will explore moving computational algorithms towards being able to exploit exascale supercomputers. The summer school is aimed at Research Software Engineers and postgraduate students and will be held at SWIoT Building, Streatham Campus, University of Exeter.

This will be a mix of expert lectures, hands-on workshops and informal discussion and networking sessions. Whilst the week will be open to all, there are some knowledge and experience prerequisites:

  • Some coding experience is neccessary, in particular basic Python including Numpy and Scipy. Some materials will be run through Google Colab using Jupyter Notebooks.
  • Some mathematical concepts are required, such as basic calculus (simple differentiation or integration) and matrix-vector multiplication. Basic standard discretisation methods for ordinary differential equations will be covered fairly rapidly so some familiarity with this is beneficial but not required.

More details are available on the summer school website here, including the registration link and schedule.