Storage and RAM as a service

Access arrangements (project do009)
OrganisationsDurham University, NVIDIA
Project linkageExaHype, MPPHEA, ExCALIBUR training programme

The Durham Adaptable Memory System has distinct components that are required to investigate adaptable memory technologies that will function as a testbed and demonstrator for the ExCALIBUR H&ES programme.

The testbed provides access to BlueField-2 and Gen-Z technologies for HPC within the UK, building on prior BlueField-1 work at Durham. The testbed is integrated with the DiRAC COSMA system, allowing the existing login nodes, LDAP servers and administration consoles to be used.  Researchers wishing to use the testbed should request an account through the SAFE system managed by EPCC.

BlueField-2 has significant advantages over the original BlueField-1 cards, namely increased processing power and clock rate of the embedded Arm cores.  This is therefore an ideal time to realise this test cluster environment, placing the UK on the leading edge of this novel technology.

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