Oct 2023

Oct 2023


SPF ExCALIBUR Programme-wide Workshop

The Strategic Priorities Fund (SPF) Exascale Computing ALgorithms & Infrastructures Benefiting UResearch (ExCALIBUR) Programme will be hosting the second Programme-wide Workshop, to be held at the Engineers House, Bristol on Wednesday 11 October and Thursday 12 October 2023.

The SPF ExCALIBUR Programme started in October 2019 and will run through until March 2025. The workshop will provide an ideal opportunity for all the programme partners to share scientific progress, strengthen interdisciplinary working and cultivate networks.

The Met Office hosted the first one last year. ExCALIBUR covers a wide range of activities across the whole spectrum of UK simulation codes from weather and climate modelling, through astrophysics modelling and fusion modelling to molecular modelling together with many associated cross-cutting themes.

All ExCALIBUR funded projects and members of ExCALIBUR governance groups are invited to attend this two-day workshop in Bristol.

The workshop will have a live stream for remote attendees and will be a fully hybrid event.

We look forward to seeing you all there!

Workshop Agenda

Wednesday 11 October Thursday 12 October
Time Session Time Session
09:30 Registration and Coffee 09:30 Arrival and Coffee
10:00 Opening Welcome 10:00 Lightning Talks
10:15 Lightning Talks 10:35 Knowledge Exchange Panel
10:50 Portability Panel 11:20 Unconference and Posters
11:35 WECD information 12:00 Break
11:40 Break 12:10 Lightning Talks
11:50 Unconference and Posters 12:45 Lunch
12:30 Lightning Talks 13:45 Hardware and Enabling Software
13:05 Lunch 14:20 Wrap Up Day Two
AI + HPC Panel 14:35 Live stream ends

Poster collection
14:50 Lightning Talks 15:00 Close
15:25 Unconference and Posters
16:05 Break
16:15 Industry Panel
17:00 Wrap Up Day One
17:15 Live stream ends
19:00 Conference Dinner

Templates for the presentations and folders can be downloaded below